OST 2019 Marketing Training Achieved A Great Success

To better improve whole company’s marketing level, innovate company’s marketing tactics, meet the needs of company’s strategy, improve salesperson’s selling abilities and create a good learning atmosphere. All members of OST marketing department went to Zhougong Mountain, Ya’an, for three-days training program on 21st to 23rd August. Training was completed by theoretical explanation, interactive question and answer, case analysis, video analysis, thematic exercises and etc which guided all the participants to learn with questions, think with questions and break through with questions.

In the training, Chairman Lu emphasized the importance of logic for a sales person and a company’s development. Business policies and strategies only can be made by knowing well about the market and development trend. If we don’t fully know the industry, customers, competition and future trend, we are prone to strategically hesitate, cannot make decision or lack of determination and change back and forth in case of turbulence. We are homogenized by following the industry trend and can’t find out the road with our own characteristics. Chairman Lu analyzed the development trend and facing problems in flexible protection net industry. He took his own entrepreneurial experience as example,

from the initial failure to be understood to the final success which profoundly proved that: if you want to innovate, you must be willing to be misunderstood for a long time. You have to adapt a correct but uncommon viewpoint to defeat your competitors and become the general winner in the industry competition. So OST will stick to the road with Chinese characteristics and OST’s own characteristics in stead of following other old roads.
Chairman Lu believes that price is a double-edged sword. Proper price reduction is good for industrialization and scale development but excessively low price will reduce the cost and quality by all means which will destroy the market and stifle this industry. Protection net industry is highly concern about people’s life and safety, so OST will not affected by interest. OST always sticks to company’s principle and be a good protector of people’s life and safety.
If there are too many enterprises producing inferior products in this industry, many enterprises will die which is not worthy of sympathy. We can’t destroy the industry because of rubbish. The truly respectable enterprise is not the one with the fastest development and expansion, nor the one with the largest scale, but the one that is consistent and insists on creating business value and social value, and has its own moral bottom line from the beginning till the end. Its existence is the good fortune for the industry, the society and itself.

Enterprise wealth comes from society and supposed to contribute to society. OST is brave to take social ability and keep exploring the “right way” as a private enterprise. Only by sticking to the right way, doing right people, doing right things, not following crooked ways, not exaggerating, not making inferior products and projects, can it win the respect and recognition of customers. OST will continue to do what an enterprise can to protect people’s lives and safety and unswervingly promote the technical level and industry standard of China’s protection industry, and be an excellent enterprise with dignity, conscience and sense of responsibility.
At the last, chairman Lu shared with staff his presentation skills from three points: the first, knowing the needs and interest of audience; the second, the importance of case; the third, asking questions. Lu’s lesson combined theory with practical cases which made the students can fully understand and digest in a simple and easy way.
In the following days, Minister Wang from Sales Department combed the sales process to help staff learn how to contact customers, how to create and seize opportunities, how to carry out actions to guide customers and produce results, and also put forward some problems that are easy to encounter in the business, and answer questions for each staff. Next, the internal affairs colleagues from Sales Department explained the making process and common problems of the bidding document to the trainees in detail, expanding the knowledge of the trainees.

Minister Zhang from Science and Technology Ministry made detail explanation on flexible protection products and applied areas from OST and analysis of the situation of the competitors that OST is facing. It is the so-called “know yourself and know your enemy” that can win every battle. Then he introduced the knowledge of slope exploration and design, raised several common problems and solved the problems, and had a heated discussion with the staff. OST is not only a supplier to our customers, but also a consultant to our solutions, striving to become a reliable partner for more customers. In this process, the OST staff should rely on the company’s products to reflect the value of pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services. We will be are eager to meet customers’ needs and think about customers’ needs. We won’t look for customers for the company’s products but providing products, services and solutions for customers.
Professional knowledge supports professional confidence. This training has injected new knowledge power into the company to build a professional and excellent marketing team!

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