Human resources are the company’s primary resources, the foundation to promote companies’ healthy and sustainable development, and the decisive factor for companies to remain competitive in market. OST adheres to the talent concept of “people first, people-oriented”, and gives priority to talent introduction, training and management and cultivate an atmosphere of “talent-oriented, pragmatism and innovation, trust and respect, and care and development” in the aim to ensure common development of enterprises and employees.

  1. Advocate company culture of “people-first, people-oriented”
  2. Establish the concept that human resources are the primary resources
  3. Cultivate an atmosphere of “respect talent, knowledge and profession”
  4. Exploit and expand recruit channels
  5. Establish different career development channels for professional and technical staffs, senior management staffs and general staffs respectively

The company will continue to uphold the philosophy of “employees, companies and society develop in harmony”, and endeavor to become a first-class, world-leading, internationally competitive high-tech enterprises through cultivating talents and pushing forward scientific and technological innovation.

Training Program

  •  Construct talent training system, develop effective talent training and development programs, establish echelon talent team building model and support the sustainable development of the company with intellectual capital.
  • Adhere to the concept of ” synchronized professional training and comprehensive training and combined internal training and external culture “.
  • Focus on strategical training model, including constitutes of system, talent selection, training model, and training methods.
  • The meaning of talent trainning lies in providing the company with successor for key positions and reserve talents.

Training Mode

OST adopts three parallel talent training modes.

compound management talents: adopt wide-scope training mode (rotation + guidance); the rotation period is divided into3 catogories of three-month period, six months and one year based on the position and the employee’s ability.

  1. business / project management expertise: depth trainning on business / project and management aspects.
  2. technical talents: combine theoretical trainning with engineers’ guidance.
  3. build an internal team of trainers to train or guide employees professionally.

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